David LaMore


About me

"There's much value in remaining curious. I view each life experience as a chance to learn and grow, and I strive to listen actively to others, offering guidance when needed. I'm here to help."


My values are deeply rooted in blue-collar automotive culture.

My father taught me to be honest, transparent, and work hard through his three decades of experience at General Motors.


I'm indebted to the game of basketball.

It opened up doors to a quality education that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. Playing for two decades exposed me to people from all walks of life and helped me develop the skills crucial for leading and working with others.


I'm a lifelong learner.

There are lessons to learn from every experience, especially failures. My education at Cornell and Booth inspired me to pursue a better understanding of this world and question how things are done.


Timely, accurate information can support our best ideas and help us execute.

Clear, well-structured data is crucial to enable teams to act quickly and effectively, and I learned this firsthand at both Apple and Booth.


At the same time, I believe creativity is underrated.

This is what I love about technology—the most innovative products leverage great design to delight customers with simplicity and functionality. Some of my biggest successes come from those times when I had to think outside the box.


Health and wellness needs more of a focus in today's workforce.

In order to do our best work and be there for those who need us, we must take care of ourselves both physically and mentally.


At Apple

The company culture fascinated me. I found that by providing the right environment for people to be challenged, you can become a part of something much bigger than yourself.


At Gap

I learned the importance of listening to customers and the consequences for businesses that fail to do so.


Operating allows me to positively impact others' lives directly.

Working closely with others gets me energized every morning. I love to solve problems and capture value within organizations.


I'm a big believer of mentorship.

Coaches have always been instrumental in pushing me to achieve more than what I ever thought was possible—it's what led me to launch White Cedar. I'm grateful to partner with a group of investors who will guide me through the challenge of being a first-time CEO.


I have many interests that keep me busy.

Family / Non-Fiction / Golf / Architecture / Nature / Backgammon / Writing

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