White cedar company

Leadership and capital, tailored to software entrepreneurs.

Partners of remarkable leaders who aspire to grow their legacy with new management.

Who We Are

One Team. One Mission.

White Cedar is an entrepreneurial investment firm providing a comprehensive leadership, governance, and capital solution to one B2B software business. Our mission is to acquire one business and transition the firm's Managing Partner, David LaMore, into the business's new day-to-day leader. We are growth-oriented entrepreneurs, striving to be the premier software-focused buyer to founders looking for a complete exit.

How We are Different

We offer a distinct set of benefits from other software buyers.

Team-Oriented Leadership

We bring extensive operating experience leading cross-functional teams within global organizations. We excel at being visionary through transparency and alignment.
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Operational Longevity
We offer a unique ownership solution for entrepreneurs looking to pass their legacy to long-term thinkers. Our operational style prioritizes relationships, innovation, and excellence.
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Investors in People
We recognize the hard work that went into making your business so successful and we want to build upon it. We do that through continuous learning, developing employees, and delighting customers.
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