What's with the name?

Cedars symbolize strength, longevity, support, and connection—what we strive to embody.

Our Leadership Philosophy

In the pursuit of excellence, you need principles.

White Cedar operates each and every day with these principles at our core. These were shaped by David's upbringing in a blue-collar family, his athletic background, and varying professional experiences.

Transparency and respect are foundational for effective communication. Challenging ideas and debate are encouraged.
Learning stems from curiosity and open-mindedness. We will be brave in testing the unknown and being open to failure.
Diversity in its broadest sense is paramount to our success. We will encourage and value different perspectives and attract talent from all walks of life.
Respecting the resources we are given will create opportunities for new ideas to come to life.
Commitment to provide an exceptional experience for all stakeholders. We will be relentless in searching to acquire a great business with even better partners.
Striving for perfection no matter what we do. We will always look to get 1% better each day and encourage a culture of innovation.
Honesty and respect towards one another are fundamental in solving any tough challenge and that means doing what’s right even though it is the hard thing to do.
We will collaborate fully where individuals know how to contribute to the greater good of the team. We operate as a unit where we all share success and learn from failures together.